Corigliano Calabro is a town of nearly 40,000 inhabitants, situated in the middle of the Plain of Sybaris.
The old town is situated on Serratore hill on the right side of  Coriglianeto creek, where the inhabitants found shelter in the tenth century, following the Arab invasions.
The heart of the town is the Ducal Castle, built in 1073 by the Norman army leader Robert Guiscard.
It is a manor among the best preserved in southern Italy. Around the castle are the oldest quarters, with the palaces of noble families and the many churches.
The oldest of these include the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, dating from the tenth century, the church of Saints Peter and Paul and the church of All Saints (eleventh and twelfth centuries).
The  church and monastery of Saint Francis of Paola date back to the fifteenth century. The Saint himself personally built these buildings during his stay in Corigliano in 1476. Saint Francis of Paola is today the patron saint of the town.
The Ponte Canale overlooking Via Roma with its two rows of arches was also built by the Saint.. It was used to bring water from the hills of San Francis to the ancient village.
Another beautiful site right at the entry of the city is the church of Carmine which dates back to the fourteenth century. The adjoining building of the Carmelite convent was built in the thirteenth century.
Nearby  the ruins of the licorice tannery can be visited. Another important church is that of St. Anthony of Padua dated from  the 15th century, with its splendid majolica dome next to the Liguorini  monastery.
The bed and breakfast Porta Librandi is part of  Leonardis Palace (later called Morgia Malavolti) built in '500 on top of the Librandi Gate, the only opening in the medieval walls encircling the city that remains today.
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